Hair InXs FAQs

The person who puts your extensions in will advise what hair is best for you.

Prohair extensions need to be re-done approx every 3 months and human hair about 4-5 months.

Yes you can continue to style your hair, with prohair you can also use irons if they have a thermastat on them at 120 degrees, but please get advise first.

You can continue to dye your with prohair as it will not be affected but only let your hairdresser dye your hair if you have human hair extensions.

You will need a special brush for extensions and advise on what to use depending on what extensions you have put in.

Some extensions can be affected by saunas and steam rooms depending what hair you have in, the person who puts your extensions in will advise you.

Yes your scalp and hair will breathe normally.

Yes they should look completely natural unless you ask otherwise.

When you want them removed only let the salon that put them in remove them, never try to take them out yourself.

Your hair will continue to grow normally, extensions will not affect your hair at all providing they have been put in by a fully trained and experienced person.

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What is Trichotillomania?
Trichotillomania, also known as hair-pulling disorder, is a mental disorder in which a person has an intense urge to pull their own hair out.