Hair Loss FAQs

No we do not shave any of your hair off.

Your hair needs to be a minimum of 2 inches

Yes this can be done but will need to be discussed on our consultation

Yes we will provide you with the correct brush to use.

No it will not fall off at any time.

If you have fibre you wash it the same as your own hair and then leave it to dry naturally or can be dried on a cool setting of a hairdryer or if you have human hair this can be blow dried and straightened as normal.

It will last for a minimum of 12 months providing you come for your regular 1 hour appointment every 6 weeks to tighten it and keep it in place and maintained.

It takes approx 4 - 5 Hours.

You can have any style you like curly, straight or wave short or long.

Price on Consultation.

Kerry's Transformation
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Matthew's Transformation
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Linda's Transformation
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What is Trichotillomania?
Trichotillomania, also known as hair-pulling disorder, is a mental disorder in which a person has an intense urge to pull their own hair out.