Hair Extensions FAQs

How long will they take to put in?

Depending on what you have a full head of fibre will take approx 2-3 hours

Human Hair will take approx 5 hours

Will people be able to see them?

No they are completely invisible

How long does my hair need to be to put the extension in?

For Fibre your hair needs to be approx minimum of 3 inches and human hair is the same

Will they look natural?

They will look completely natural and once they are put in your hair can be cut and styled to your choice.

Will they damage my hair?

There will be no damage with fibre; the fibre is wrapped around a tiny braid and is sealed fibre to fibre and human hair has no damage providing they are put in by a qualified person and applied correctly

Can I just have them to thicken up my hair?

Yes, fibre is perfect for this as it is double the volume of human hair and half the weight so if you have fine hair this is the best option but you can also have human hair to thicken your hair providing your natural hair is strong enough to take it.

How long will they last?

Fibre will last approx 3 months and human hair will last approx 4-5 months

Does my natural hair need a rest once my extension are removed?

No, your hair will be in perfect condition and extensions can be removed and replaced at the same time

Can I just have extensions for highlights?

Yes, you can have splashes of colour or highlights with extensions which is a much better option than just having chemical colour

Can I shower or swim with them?

Yes, it is fine to swim with them but maybe easier if put in a pony tail while swimming . If you have curly fibre you will need to keep your hair out of a hot showers, saunas and stream room as these will reduce the curl; curly fibre needs to be washed in cool water. Also the sea will not affect your extensions.

Cant I take them out if I don’t like them?

Yes, they can be removed if necessary but this must be done by a professional person

What is the difference between human hair and fibre?

Human hair is very silky and straight and if you’re a person that likes to wash your hair and straighten it every time then human hair is perfect for you providing your hair is not too weak to take them. The advantages of fibre are they are half the weight of human hair and double the volume. So if you have very fine hair you can thicken it up without putting any tension on your scalp, also if you have very curly or wavy hair, fibre is ideal for you as it can be put into the same wave or curl as your own hair and will be easily manageable on a daily basis. Human hair does not blend as well into curly or wavy hair unless you are prepared to style it daily.

Can I wash it normal like my own hair?

Yes, you can; it can be washed exactly the same and conditioned from mid to ends not from roots.

Can I leave it to dry naturally?

Yes you can leave it to dry naturally . It is better to leave fibre to dry naturally but you can blow dry it on a cool setting and human hair can be left to dry naturally or blow dried and straightened as normal.

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