Women's Hair Loss

Are you suffering from hair loss? Whether you have an ongoing condition that is causing your hair to thin, or you're noticing hair loss for the first time, our specialists have the solution to help you regain your confidence quickly, easily and affordably. We have two salons, one in Brighton and one in Berkshire, but did you know we also offer home visits? Customers from across the UK come to us on a daily basis as we are renowned for achieving amazing results every time - Check out our video testimonials and see what our previous clients have to say!

Resolve your hair loss once and for all, contact our specialists - Brighton: 01273 602507, Berkshire: 01628 660527. Book your appointment today!

Hair loss solutions with no glue or chemicals

Hair InXs has been providing hair loss treatments for women for 20 years for those who suffer from Trichotillomania, Cranial surgery, Alopecia, Post-Chemotherapy, Post-Radiotherapy, Genetic thinning, Chemical damage and any more conditions.

Hospitals all around the UK have been referring people to us for many years and we are also in the Macmillan Cancer information leaflet and we continue to raise money for Cancer charities throughout the year.

We have a very caring and compassionate team of staff that are able to deal with the sensitivity of medical conditions. We offer a free consultations on a one to one basis where you can sit and discuss your personal requirement.

Our Volumesh hair replacement system is a semi permanent solution that intermingles and blends in with your own hair. We attach a very fine mesh that is secured in place by using your existing hair and then a fringe and parting is attached and the rest of the mesh is filled in with hair giving you a perfect head of hair that can then be cut and styled to your requirements.

Hair Loss System in your own home

Due to constant demand, we are now able to offer our Volumesh hair loss system in the privacy of your own home should you be unable to travel due to illness or disability to one of our salons; we offer this service within the UK.

Kerry's Transformation
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