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I think my story is fairly typical of most male to female transsexuals of my age (54). When I was young (as a child and a teenager), there was no information available about gender dysphoria.

Anyone brave enough to actually go through the change in the Sixties tended to attract unwanted attention and a general lack of understanding and consideration. Although I knew I had issues with my gender (and was a cross dresser) it wasn’t until much later, with the advent of the

Internet and a gradual change in awareness, that I really understood what was going on in my head. So I saw a gender psychologist in May 2005 and transitioned over the next two years, ending with the SRS in June 2007.

I realised that my hair was not right once I went full time as Rhiannon. It was very fine and quite thin in places, with a receding hairline above the brow. To begin with I resorted to wigs of various styles and shades. However, wigs often look like wigs – not particularly natural – and were often

very hot, especially in the summer. Before I went full time for the real life experience prior to the SRS, I looked around at other options. These are really only:

Hair transplant – from seeing the results on others this seemed a long and expensive process, but it did give some good results. However, I was not convinced that I really needed this at that time, but did want to use my own hair if at all possible without a surgical procedure.

More sophisticated ‘wigs’, but they seemed rather expensive.

Hair Extensions - I did some research into how these work and contacted two salons that, from their websites, seemed to offer a good service (in that they claimed it would not damage the existing hair through the bonding technique that they used). I had a consultation with a stylist at one salon who explained their technique, but was advised that I had too much hair for this technique. I was also told that extensions alone would not do, as they would be visible – so I was left with a bit of a problem. The other salon I visited advised that they did not treat transsexuals, but then recommended Hair InXs! It turned out that the two salons I contacted were known to each other, and that Debbie Edwards, MD of Hair InXs used to work for one of them – rather an amazing set of coincidences!

So I made an appointment with Debbie, we discussed options for a net and a centre hair piece plus extensions, including styles and colours, and I had it all done in early March 2006. It took all day to do, was very well done by the Hair InXs team, and I’ve been going to Debbie ever since.

I’m now on my third net – they last about a year really – and I’m really happy with the results. It has made a huge difference to my life. It’s increased my confidence when out and about, I don’t have to worry about wigs and I don’t have to take it off every night. I can wash my hair just like my normal hair and, as it’s still there looking great in the morning, I am much more confident in relationships than I would have been with a wig.

The technique doesn’t damage my own hair and does not involve gluing anything to my scalp.

Regular tightening of the net is required – every five weeks or so in my case, and the extensions last about twelve weeks before my own hair has grown too much. So people must be prepared for ongoing ‘maintenance’ with this hair treatment. Despite that, the advantages of having a much fuller, attractive head of hair that stays on the whole time are obvious.

I would recommend the team at Hair InXs (and have done already) as their technique really does work and gives great and lasting results. The team at Hair InXs are very professional and welcoming in their approach and attitude. The Hair InXs salon in Windsor is well run, it’s a pleasure to get my hair done there, and I always leave feeling happy, confident and looking my best.

Rhiannon, London

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My son Billy age 17 was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2008 after radiotherapy his hair did not grow back leaving him with bald patch across the middle of his head which had a dramatic effect on his self esteem, as a parent we would of done anything to see him smile again Then I came across Hair Inxs on the internet. We met with Debbie she was caring and very informative saying how natural it would be ,even explaining he would be able to go swimming and play football. I will never forget the day he had his hair done his smile was electric. Even the consultants and nurses could not believe Billy's hair was not all his own as it looks so natural. Debbie and her staff gave our son his self esteem and life back and we are truly very grateful to them.

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