With a flagship salon in the heart of Berkshire and a salon in Worthing, Hair InXs offers a private yet welcoming environment for clients to discuss their personal hair needs.

Hair Loss Treatment Specialists

Hair InXs is a premier hair care salon established in 1994 which was created to provide people with a hair loss solution that requires no glue or chemicals, just professional, proven hair loss systems. We pride ourselves on the standard of services we provide, and the results we offer our clients are second to none. 

Women came to us for hair extensions but sometimes, with someone having very little hair, we were unable to put them in as they would have been visible. Looks are so important in society today and your hair is part of your identity – to lose that can be very traumatic and have a major impact on social and everyday life.

For hair loss systems that will resolve any issue with thinning hair or hair loss, contact our team of hair treatment specialists today - or visit our salon in your local area. 

Hair InXs Salon
Hair InXs Salon

By trial and error over time, we have come up with a perfect solution that would cover all bald patches and wispiness completely not using any glue, chemicals or tape that is completely safe and allows your own hair to carry on growing naturally. The solution is invisible so you have no need to worry about going out or swimming, dancing etc. It will stay on from a minimum of 12 months and will be kept in place with one hourly appointment every 6 weeks, and that’s all it takes to have a full head of beautiful hair.

Hair InXs' flagship salon is in the heart of Berkshire and offers a private yet welcoming environment for clients to discuss their personal hair needs. We also have a salon in Worthing, offering clients the exact same high standard of service that Hair InXs is renowned for.

Professional Hair Loss Treatment Services

Volumesh Women's Hair Replacement Systems

Using specialist cosmetic hair replacement systems to cover widespread wispiness and bald patches due to loss of hair through alopecia, post-radiotherapy, post-chemotherapy, genetic thinning etc. Hair InXs has helped thousands of women suffering from hair loss to transform their lives by giving them back their identity.

Hair Extensions

We only use the best human hair available, our hair is 100% Remi European hair and we also use monofibre/prohair which is excellent for volume and flexibility. We use 5 different methods of extensions and only by having a free consultation with one of our experts will we know what is best for your hair, and to achieve the look you want. You may only need volume not length to thicken your hair or you may want a whole new look whatever it is that you require we will make sure you get it; our friendly team are always here to help.


All aspects of hairdressing covered.

Led by Debbie Edwards, who has been at the front of hair extension technology for the past 25 years, the Hair InXs team are nationally and internationally recognised for their pioneering hair loss treatments and hair care work

Kerry's Transformation
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Linda's Transformation
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Bleddyn's Transformation
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