Welcoming clients from all over the UK, we are proud of the hair loss systems and services we offer. We're renowned for the outstanding results we provide, offering our clients a complete transformation with regards to appearance as well as confidence. Find out what our clients have to say about our services in our testimonials below.

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Just wanted to tell everyone how pleased I am with my hair system. Jo and her staff were amazing putting me at ease and giving me all the information and time to make my mind up. Having lost hair over a number of years I've been trying to hide it. This was becoming more difficult as I am a performer.

I love my new head of hair, especially the colour, it's given me a whole new lease of life and confidence. I can finally feel happy when I look in the mirror and my husband feels he has a new wife! Friends say I look younger so it's all a win.

Jenny Green 22/04/2024

Well what to say... from the moment I walked into the salon... no strange looks, all the girls busy and most importantly, smiling, the customers also giving the same vibe, the environment clean and very pleasant. I had pre booked an appointment a few weeks earlier with Debbie. I was approached by 1 of the girls as if I was expected. Half opening her appointment diary, I immediately introduced myself, I was asked to take a seat, offered an array of drinks, in which I did indulge in a lovely cup of coffee. I was told that the wait would be a few minutes. Whilst glancing around, what I noticed were just friendly, chatty girls, working with their clients. I waited until it was my time to take the chair, I had pre arranged the appointment with Debbie, the owner, to have an integrated hair system implemented, which is intricate work, weaving hair extensions into a mesh system attached to my own hair, the actual time it took was a few hours, not rushed, just a job well done, very professionally. The quality of hair, excellent. I really love the final look and style of my new hair, which feels part of me. The whole experience was fabulous. I would most definitely recommend Debbie's Hair InXs salon to anyone. I would like to thank all the staff, all the girls at some stage, introduced themselves, even had time for a little chat with all, what an enjoyable, pleasant experience it was. From 1 very satisfied customer...

Karen Louise 20/07/2023

I started to loose my hair after my first child was born, then more after my second child and the stress of work. For many years I had hair extensions but with the continued thinning of my hair and now going through menopause, the bonds began to show so I needed to find a better solution. I had a consultation with Debbie who was brilliant but I was still so nervous as I was worried the system would look like a wig, so Debbie and the team arranged for me to Facetime a couple of their clients so I could see and speak to them personally about their experience.

Needless to say, I went ahead, very nervously, but it is the best thing I ever did and wish I had done so sooner and I would happily speak to anyone who is considering the system to reassure you as appreciate it can appear expensive.

With regards to Debbie and the team, they are absolutely brilliant and so down to earth that you can have a good chat with them and in my case, I have made a friend with another lady who was having the system done at the same time and we exchange our experiences and catch up when our next appointment is due.

Below are a few of my experiences to date that I hope you will find useful:

  1. At first, you do feel as though you have something on your head but that feeling soon goes and in my experience, my head did itch a bit but that feeling has gone apart from the occasional itch, which is normal.
  2. Have something slightly different done to your normal style - I had a few layers put in around the front and went slightly darker to my normal colour. No one, not even my closest friends noticed that I had anything done other than the layers and different colour, which they said made my hair look thicker.
  3. The first couple of times I was so nervous about washing my hair and was getting in a right pickle trying to section the hair and wash it a bit at a time. Now I just stand under the shower and wash and condition it as you would your normal hair. I do use the conditioning spray which was provided and I do leave the hair to dry naturally as much as possible before styling.
  4. I have recently returned from holiday where I swam in the pool and sea. With the pool I clipped my hair up due to the chemicals just in case it changed my hair colour - but to be honest, I would do this anyway as my daughter has naturally long blonde hair and once on holiday hers went green and we had to use tomato ketchup to get the green out. In the sea, I plaited it and swam as normal then later washed and conditioned as normal and let the hair dry naturally with no problems at all.
  5. Whereas before I was wearing hats so my bonds didn't show when the wind blew, now the wind can blow as much as it likes and nothing shows.

I sincerely hope you have found my testimonial of use and wish you all the very best.

Paula 03/05/2023

Jo and Fi were brilliant. They talked me through every step, made sure I was 100% happy and that I left with exactly what I wanted. Amazing service, thank you!

Katie 21/01/2023

After a very friendly and reassuring consultation with Debbie recently, I now have a wonderful head of hair created by the lovely Jo and Chris. Having endured a lifetime of male pattern baldness and finding wigs really didn't help my self confidence, Hair InXs was recommended to me by a friend who had recently visited and had their lives transformed.

It looks and feels like the hair I always wanted. To be able to dive into the shower and treat it like my own is amazing. My journey into self confidence and being comfortable with how I appear to the world really has been catapulted into realms I'd never considered.

The experience of having the magic performed was so relaxing and safe. The hugs afterwards were just lovely, the team really do care about you.

Don't hesitate to contact these guys, it could change your life. Seriously, it changed mine!

Andie Curtis 25/08/2022

I had thinning hair for years before choosing to have an integrated mesh system. I went to the salon where Sarah and Natasha made me feel really welcome. They listened to what I wanted, explained the process and kept checking in with me whilst they worked. The end results are lovely and I’m so pleased that I chose to do it. I can’t recommend enough!

Laura 14/08/2022

Debbie and team, THANK YOU. Thank you for your reassurance when I felt I may have made a wrong decision. I can not thank you and your team for everything they have done for me over the past 6 weeks. I LOVE MY HAIR. I’ve never felt so confident in my life. From the age of 16 when I started loosing my hair it knocked my confidence soooooo much you guys have brought me back to life. Chris, Eve, Jo and the rest who took care of me have gone over and beyond to make me feel like a queen the moment I walk into the salon. You have a great team here… never let them go. They speak so highly of you and I feel I know you through them. This job must be so rewarding and honestly you all should feel so proud of the great work you guys do to help people like me.

Thank you ALL again, see you soon.

Reena 31/07/2022

After struggling with thin hair that had gone through the rigours of chemotherapy and male pattern hair loss, I was distraught when FacialTeam turned me down for hair transplantation. They tried to encourage me to use their hair prosthetic system, but it would not have solved my thin and wispy hair. Then I discovered Hair InXs. What a god-send!! The staff were lovely and welcoming. Oh what joy to have the thick long hair that I've always dreamed of. There were so many colours, I was spoiled for choice. The final cut and styling was wonderful; revelatory and absolutely fabulous. Thank you so much. Everyone I've come into contact with afterwards has prefaced their greeting with "WOW!!", including my old hair-dresser. My self confidence has improved immeasurably. Love you xx

Allison Norton 31/07/2022

After losing all my hair through chemotherapy and radiotherapy, I resulted in wearing wigs for around a year, however once my hair started growing back my wigs were uncomfortable and didn’t fit properly. I didn’t have the confidence to go out and about wearing nothing so I was really excited when I heard about Hair InXs. We went for a free consultation and Debbie was really kind and supportive when explaining how the system worked. It was a definite yes and only a week later I had my system fitted! It was the best decision I ever made. All of the team made me feel at home and explained exactly what they were doing. The system is so comfortable and has made me feel like I’ve got my hair back! A huge thank you to Jo and all the team! xx

Lily Watkins 27/07/2022

I am suffering with an underactive thyroid problem which has made my hair go so thin, I didn’t feel attractive anymore, I would look at myself in the mirror and feel so sad until I came across this fabulous hair salon Hair InXs. At first I was worried about spending a lot of money on myself. I posted an enquiry online and Debbie contacted me straight away which I thought was brilliant, she put me at ease. I made the leep and travelled to Hair Inxs. IT'S THE BEST decision I've ever made. I had my system fitted and it not only changed my look but also helped my depression and gave me a new lease of life. Sarah and the girls are brilliant at what they do, they are so kind and professional, I'm so lucky to have found this business and their system and Sarah.

Kerry donoghue 11/06/2022

After suffering from hair loss for a couple of years the girls at Hair InXs totally changed my life! They are really professional and supportive made me feel comfortable and totally brought my confidence back! The service the team provided was amazing. My hair also looks amazing too massive thank you to Sarah and Nat for looking after me!

Jakira 23/04/2022

After years and years of hurt and struggle I finally feel beautiful again all thanks to the INXS team. From the moment I walked through the door I was welcomed and made to feel at ease. My hair was incredibly short all over and I had my doubts if this would even be an option for me. I booked in for a system fitted and Jo was nothing short of a miracle worker. Her and Sarah both made me feel so relaxed and respected and if I could give them 10 stars out of 5 I would. Absolute top service from start to finish and my new hair looks incredible. I have never had so many compliments in my life and I absolutely love my long hair now after years and years of hating it.
Huge Thankyou to Deb and her fantastic staff you all really are amazing and I’m forever grateful for the new lease of life you’ve given me.

Charlotte 26/02/2022

Three days ago, Fairy Godmother Debbie and Fairy Godmother Fi waved their magic wands over me and I am still in a state of delighted disbelief . . . Every day I look in the mirror and the magic is there: perfect, PERFECT hair! I'm 68 and my hair has never looked this good. It was never great to begin with and has just got thinner and thinner in the last years, making me feel worse and worse about myself, and resigned to looking and feeling old and dull and having to use cans of hairspray to "comb over" bare scalp. If any of this resonates with you, don't hesitate to book in with Debbie. You don't need to apologise or explain to her - she knows how you feel and exactly how to fix it. My new hair looks good, feels good and the cut and colour are so beautiful and natural. An added bonus is that my new fringe covers my miserable old frown lines and nearly non-existent eyebrows! Thank you Debbie and Fi for your skills and understanding - my confidence is at an all-time high!

Kate 26/02/2022

I had been suffering with rapidly thinning hair, due to age, hormones and over the past five years, I had spent a lot of money on extensions, both micro-coil, clip in and more recently expensive Halo hair systems. I really was starting to feel quite despondent about it. Early 2021 I started researching alternative options and came across mesh hair systems. A few months back f research, reading testimonials and online reviews, one of the salons I contacted was INXS in Burnham Berkshire. They offered me a consultation immediately and as soon as I arrived, I saw how understanding Debbie and the team were and I made my mind up pretty much immediately. To say this boosted my confidence is just not enough. The ladies performed magic and were totally amazing throughout the procedure. Six weeks on, my new hair system has taken years off me and given my “joie de vivre” back. Thanks so very much, Debbie, Jo, Kelly and Julie,


Bea Patel 07/08/2021

I’ve just had a system from Hair InXs and after years of disappointment and let down from other hair shops, I was treated so professionally and with dignity today by the ladies. I’m over the moon with my beautiful system, loving it, thank you all x

Wendy Grundy 29/06/2021

Due to many years of my hair starting to go thin, I was getting very conscious and losing a bit of self esteem but thanks to the amazing team at Hair Inxs they have changed my life. I went to have a consultation with Debbie and booked my appointment with Sarah and Jo, I'll never look back my hair looks amazing and the amount of people that have complimented me and said I look 20 years younger. Thank you so much girls what an amazing team, see you all soon love Linda xxx

Linda 17/06/2021

After years of hair loss I feel like a totally different woman, it's made me so happy, confident and it has helped my mental state too. I have never felt so good, I can not believe how it's made me feel inside and out and even made me feel and look younger. I actually feel like getting up and going out with out trying to cover my bald patches and this is all down to the team at Hair Inxs. I can't thank them enough they changed my life, thank you Debbie, Sarah and Jo xx ❤

Karima 17/06/2021

Am absolutely thrilled to find such a kind, caring and supportive salon with a great team. I visit both the Brighton and Berkshire one and I cannot begin to express how much I love my hair and how much they have helped me manage my condition. I have mainly seen Jo, Michelle and Kelly- but everyone wonderful. They take the time to invest in each client on a personal level and cannot recommend Hair Inxs enough. Best decision I made and incredible service! Thank you.

Amie 16/06/2021

I’ve been a customer of Hair Inxs for 9 years and the service has always been fantastic. All the ladies are extremely talented, professional and lovely people. Wouldn’t trust anyone else with my hair.

Asha 16/06/2021

After 18 years of hair loss, I have finally found a solution that works. Earlier in the year, I had a hair replacement system done by another organisation that was knotty and difficult to maintain. At Hair INXS, their expertise is extraordinary. They were reassuring and clearly experts in what they do. I now have hair that is glossy, does not tangle and hangs exactly as I want it to. All I need to do is wash it once or twice a week and leave it. The experience really has been life changing. Probably the best money I have ever spent. There are very few companies that offer this service. I can't imagine any would do it better than this one. I'm so thankful to have discovered it.

Jemma 12/12/2020

2 years without the confidence to go to a hair salon due to hair loss, I can honestly say that contacting Hair Inx was the miracle that I needed to get my confidence back and to help me look like me again. I was made to feel so comfortable from the moment I had a consultation with Debbie, right the way through to having the system fitted with Michelle and the wonderful ladies in her team, I simply cannot ever thank them all enough. Ladies, what you do is amazing and it really has given me my life back, I was truly shell shocked from the moment I had the system fitted, perfect colour match, perfect style, it looks so natural and better than my hair ever did before! So talented and compassionate to a really tender issue, I will be and would recommend to anyone. Katie B xx

Katie b 29/08/2020

As a Trichotillomania sufferer for 27 years my hair had got to the point that it was making me so unhappy , nearly bald at one side of my head . Debbie and her whole team have been fabulous from the start and are so kind and understanding . I absolutely love my new hair , its a complete transformation for me . Anybody who is thinking about having this done should come and see Debbie and her team

Mandy Lee 18/08/2020

Since coming to Hair Inxs three years ago my confidence has returned. The team look after me so well and my hair looks and feels totally natural. Simple things like walking to work without worrying what I would look like by the time I get there had made such a big difference. Would highly recommend, you won't regret it.

Helen 20/03/2020

I have had the volumesh hair replacement for about 5 months. It is difficult to put into words, how much this has changed my life. My confidence has grown. It is very comfortable, easy to style and maintain. Months on I am still getting compliment on my hair. I just love it. The staff are amazing. They are all patient, understanding and respectful. Thank-you ladies.

Jacky Jarvis 12/02/2020

Thank you so much to Debbie and her team. After suffering from hair loss for years and years and researching many options, I found Hair InXs. I couldn’t be more pleased with the result.

I always felt that no matter what I was wearing, no matter how well I was put together from the neck down, I’d look in the mirror and my hair was such a disappointment and ruined my outfit. Now when I get ready to go out, I can hold my head up high. No more embarrassment, I love my new look.

Debbie and her team are amazing. They made me feel at ease throughout the appointment. I would happily recommend them to anyone. Just don’t wait as long as I did.

Fiona 01/12/2019

I've suffered with hair loss for a few years now and as a young girl this has been very difficult for me. Hair InXs has been absolutely wonderful and has improved my life a lot. Everyone is so lovely and I'm made to feel very comfortable and happy whenever I come in. I now have hair that I love and I can actually say that I don't dislike the way that I look anymore!

I would recommend Hair InXs to everyone and to anyone who isn't sure - go for it because you definitely won't regret it!

Rubie-A 10/09/2019

I have had my new hair for about 6 months now and couldn’t be happier!! The staff are so friendly and knowledgeable and nothing is too much trouble. A fantastic customer experience.
As for the hair it is very natural looking and maintenance much easier than I thought. I have just come back from 2 weeks in Antigua and my hair posed no problems at all. Just like my own. It coped with the sun, oil sea and chlorine and the hot sun.
It is worth every penny!!

Thank you ladies!!

Alison 03/09/2019

I have very fine, flyaway hair and was looking for extensions to create a short wavy bob.

After a LOT of research, I found Hair InXs. From the start, everyone there was so professional and most important to me, they specialise in hair extensions for people with fragile hair or hair loss. They understand.

Debbie recommended monofibre rather than human hair. They're amazing, they look exactly like real hair, and lighter for more volume without putting your hair under pressure. Debbie blended the hair colour and wavy texture to exactly match my own hair, and cut it into the chic, choppy hair cut I've always hoped for.

I can't recommend Debbie and her lovely team highly enough.

Louise 03/03/2019

I have struggled with hair loss for many years and tried all sorts of weaves and hairpieces. A few months ago I found Debbie and her wonderful team. They are so caring and understanding and instantly made me feel at ease. I now have a lovely comfortable head of hair which I absolutely love! I would highly recommend Hair InXs to anyone with thinning hair.

Maria 09/02/2019

I have looked long and hard for over 20 years for a solution to my ever thinning hair and spent a lot of money along the way. Hair InXs provided the solution I had been searching for. The care that Debbie and Michelle took to fit the new hair was as astonishing as the result. I have been given back my confidence and whilst I wasn't seeking to look younger, the result has been to take 10 years off me (and I'm not complaining about that!). Hair InXs provide a genuine answer to a problem that affects so many people at a sensible price. I am so grateful to Debbie and her team of caring people.

Maddie 09/12/2018

I have had hair loss for years when I found out about Hair InXs. In Jan-18 I was feeling so bad about the way I looked I finally took the plunge and booked myself in. I was really nervous about what would happen but the team were fantastic and my new hair was AMAZING, in fact, I would say life changing!!! I no longer felt like an old woman, in fact, I feel a new confidence and my husband said I looked like the lass he had first meet 20 years ago. I would recommend Hair InXs and their fantastic team to anyone who is losing their hair.

Pat H 26/08/2018

Excellent customer service. Very friendly and welcoming. All round amazing services :)

Lisa 09/04/2018

I've been going to Debbie and her team for hair extensions for 2 years, the care and attention to detail and colour matching are excellent, I really recommend this salon they've transformed my hair , wouldn't go anywhere else love the team at Hair InXs.

Fay Tyson 09/04/2018

Spent the day with Debs Jane and Taz Saturday. I had been looking for someone to do this for me, another stylist quoted me £8900 for a two-year treatment! Obviously, haven't got that sort of money! Had seen Debs years ago, got back in touch, not only has the price not inflated in 10+ years, she treated me with her usual kindness and discretion. I had the salon to myself, endless cups of coffee, and spent 4 hours being transformed back into myself. I can't recommend these ladies enough. Chuffed to bits with it. And a lovely catch up thrown in too. Anyone thinking about doing this, go see her. She works magic :)

Kerry 13/02/2018

I have had extensions and weaves, intralace systems etc for the past 20 years and have experienced a lot of salons in my attempt to have a great full head of hair. Some salons have been good however a recent experience from a so-called hair loss clinic in Wokingham was so appalling that I was at my wit's end and left with little confidence, £2,000 wasted on hairpieces from China that went bald within a few weeks and wasted over £2,000. I was then emailed by the owner to say that they didn't want me back in the salon to have the repaired piece fitted back on and the piece is still sitting in the salon. I desperately began to search the internet to find someone who could help me and I happened upon the most amazing salon by chance. I called on the Monday and was told that the owner was in the hospital visiting her Mother but they would let her know I called. Amazingly, the owner Debbie called me from the hospital, arranged for my colour hair to be delivered the next day and booked me in for the next day!! Debbie is a true professional, she has been in the hair loss and hair extension business for many years and knows exactly what she is doing. She has a very approachable manner, is interested in her client's welfare over profits and does an amazing job. The team are just as welcoming and make the experience a relaxed and enjoyable one. Most importantly you walk out of this salon feeling fantastic and confident which is the most important factor when you have fine hair or any sort of hair loss condition. I couldn't recommend this salon enough. Thank you to Debbie and the team.

Noreen 14/08/2017

I have suffered with hair loss over the last 10 years but has got severely worse post menopause and over time have found myself becoming more and more self-conscious so much so that I didn't want to go out socially which is not me at all. My daughter brought home a leaflet for Hair InXs which I read and pondered on for a good few weeks then I finally contacted Debbie and quite frankly she won't get rid of me now. Yesterday I had the most amazing experience with Debbie and all her team and can quite honestly say I feel like a different person my hair looks absolutely fabulous I can't stop looking in the mirror and I'm told I look so much younger. So anyone out there suffering, in the same way, I couldn't recommend this salon highly enough. It will change your life. Thank you so much Debbie xxxx

Wendy Mayland 18/06/2017

I am a transgender woman who transitioned later in life and unfortunately, this meant I had legacy hair loss on the crown, top and front of my head. Whilst the loss has probably been stopped now by he treatment I'm receiving, the options for recovering or hiding it seemed entirely unsuitable or impracticable. I was wearing a clip in hair piece because the rest of my hair was fortunately quite healthy, but I never felt completely comfortable, secure or happy with it. Social situations could be daunting, especially if likely to be outdoors or in inclement weather; as a consequence, I actively began to avoid them and was struggling with my confidence. Any kind of sporting activity or swimming was completely out of the question! If I'm honest I was becoming quite depressed about the future.

After several conversations with friends on closed FB pages, I found out about the hair system offered by Debbie and Hair InXs team. The salon was highly recommended by others, many of whom who had the hair system fitted, or had friends who had done so. I, therefore, contacted Debbie and had a long conversation about how the system works, how long it lasts, how it is maintained and of course how much. I am semi-retired so I have to say the biggest issue was cost. After much deliberation, however, I decided to book my appointment and have the system fitted.

After only two days I can honestly say it has transformed my life, my confidence has grown off the scale, I now feel complete and able to fully interact in all social situations. As previously mentioned I am semi-retired, but in the next few months will have to return to work. Without my transformation by Debbie and the team, I don't see how I would have been able to face this.

If you are thinking of having this done I urge you to talk to Debbie, the advice, help and support I received beforehand were excellent. On the day of my appointment, the team were so friendly, professional and quite simply just lovely company. I also met two other clients and it was clear how much this hair loss solution had improved their lives.

All I can say is a huge and heartfelt thank you to Debbie and the team...

Eva Watson-Abbott 16/06/2017

I have to admit to being a bit of a perfectionist, and not really being satisfied with any of the wigs I had bought or seen so far, I needed something a little more convincing! It doesn't help that I am transitioning and although I am full time like many I have the usual male pattern baldness to contend with. I approached Debbie, who with her infinite patience answered all my questions. I booked the day and was treated so well by the girls who were fun but professional all the way through, I watched the process revealed, the end results were amazing, Debbie had said its life-changing but that is the understatement of the year! I absolutely love it and cannot recommend it enough, and trust me you won't regret it! In fact your only question will be why didn't you do it earlier I put the girls through their paces and we changed the plans many times as we progressed, and bless them they took it all in their stride, and one of my biggest asks was to be able to put it up in a ponytail, all was done and the girls never broke their stride to change things as they went - absolutely top class customer service- honestly I could ask for nothing more, and there was tea on tap all day and food at lunchtime so a day of heaven and a lifetime onward of gorgeous hair - whatever are you waiting for??

Victoria Harris 31/01/2017

I started to lose my hair when I was 15 years old and tried a variety of different things to cover up/stop the loss from thickening shampoos to hair loss medical products. Unfortunately, none of these worked for me as my hair loss was genetic and my hair kept getting thinner year after year. I am now 24 and my hair is extremely thin with the majority of my scalp visible. I knew I had to do something more permanently to cover up the thinning. Having thin hair made me incredibly anxious and stopped me from doing "normal" things like going out with friends. I was always worried that someone would notice how thin my hair was. The only thing I could do was to try and cover my scalp with a coloured hairspray and with hair fibres - this worked to a point but was itchy and uncomfortable and left black marks on my clothes and bedding and as soon as my hair got wet the black powder/hairspray would wash out.

I came across the hair replacement system offered by Debbie at her salon and had an initial "consultation" telephone call with her. I could tell immediately that she was very informed about hair loss and had a lot of experience in dealing with this. She was available to chat to whenever I had any questions which was great. We communicated via text and I felt like she really understood how I was feeling and she made me feel so comfortable and excited that I was finally going to get my hair fixed.

Debbie's team are absolutely amazing. All of the girls were really friendly and they made me feel so relaxed and safe which reduced my stress levels. The whole team really understood what I was going through and how I was feeling - they are all clearly very experienced and have empathy and sensitivity in abundance. I would 100% recommend Debbie and her team. I feel fantastic now, I can do everything I want to without worrying about my hair. I go out all the time now and it doesn't take me nearly as long to get ready! My confidence has grown dramatically, I've been going on dates and seeing my friends so much more, it's just amazing how much difference having a full head of hair can make to how you feel and how you live your life.

Thank you so much Debbie and team! X

A VERY Happy Customer 16/01/2017

In 1995 my hair started to thin out, I started using all sorts of products to thicken my hair but still didn't look good. In 1999 a friend, who was a Dr, suggested I see a dermatologist. My GP recommended me to Dr David Fenton at St Thomas Hospital who, after a consultation, a blood test and a test from the root of my hair, said I had telogen effluvium and prescribed Minoxidil. It worked very slowly and I was also trying of kinds of products to enhance my thinning hair, I spent lots of money!!

Last year, September 2015, St Thomas hospital discontinued Minoxidil. I then googled trichologists and found the nearest one 10 miles away. She prescribed a lotion but my hair was not growing at all, in fact, I was losing more hair.

I was feeling down I didn't want to go out, always finding excuses for not going to parties. If I went to a restaurant I always sat with my back to the wall so that people could not see my thinning hair. I never worry about what to wear but worry about my hair. I was so conscious of my thinning hair.

As I was always googling about thinning hair I came across hair extensions, hair pieces, hair transplants, I opted for hair extensions and got in touch with Debbie, had a consultation She was very reassuring built my confidence enough to make me pluck up the courage and have extensions put in. I felt very relaxed- she is very friendly.

I had the extensions put in on the 14th of July 2016 and been delighted with the change and what is more encouraging is how all my friends and neighbours commented how good it looks, how much younger I look, my daughter said I look 100 years younger (cheek). Everybody says it looks so natural, and that if we didn't know you, we would not have known that it was not your own hair. Now I can go out with confidence I can go on holiday abroad which I was reluctant to do.

When I cancelled my appointment with the trichologist I sent her a picture of my new hairdo she said: " you look amazing."

Michelle who did my hair was very bubbly, very nice and made feel very relaxed. She very friendly and it was as if I have known her for years- and she makes a nice cup of tea which is always welcoming after a long drive from Tunbridge Wells.

I am very happy that I had my hair done and it has really boosted my confidence. A big THANK YOU to all the staff.

Chantal 30/10/2016

I was involved in a car accident and shattered my pelvis which resulted in a long stay in hospital and immobile for several months. I suffered post-trauma stress which resulted in hair loss - I was so upset and depressed. Debbie came to see me and after an assessment said they could help me, this lifted me but I was still a little sceptical as I found the hair loss so traumatic. Two weeks later the treatment was carried out and I really can not believe it!! In fact, the hospital staff didn't recognise me. I am currently having hydrotherapy and it really is wash and go as it looks great I let the hair dry naturally. Thank you to you all for your kindness and understanding.

Karen 09/06/2016

How do I start with my journey??? From the beginning then ok I will go from there... I have always had fine, fragile hair then was introduced to clip in hair extensions... Firstly I used them for the occasional night out then it became a daily obsession. It started from applying one strip then two just to make it fuller so I felt better in myself. Then I doubled them up to make my hair even fabulous. One day to my shock after sectioning my hair off I looked in the mirror on a side angle and noticed a huge section of hair missing !! I was totally in shock. Not knowing what to do I positioned the hair extensions lower down to avoid the damage then when this hair fell out I position them higher up!! This worked for a while but all my hair started breaking off and I had nowhere to go... I did not want to wear a full wig!! Looking on the internet one day I stumbled upon the website Hair InXs and was intrigued. Because of the travel distance from Hull to Windsor Wendy did a consultation over the internet I sent her photos of my hair and bald patches and the look style and colour I wished to achieve. She assured me they would have lots of choices in stock to cover all angles. I arrived at the salon and was greeted by the two members of staff and I am so sorry but cannot remember their names but they were both amazing. My dream of having fabulous flowing locks started!! OMG OMG what can I say!!! The transformation is totally stunning!! I look fab*u*lous even without makeup on!! and that's a first!!! I feel amazing and all my confidence has returned and my depression has started to lift. For the first time when I get out of bed now, I smile!! My first day back at work was today as been on sick for a while due to depression and nobody could believe it!!! The colours are fabulous, I just squish cold water on my hair, scrunch & go and look amazing !!!! hahhahaha xx love it xx see you soon HAIR INXS cannot wait!! And my hair will recover !!! xxxxxxx mwah to you all xx

Sharon Thacker 18/04/2016

What can I say?!?! This place is literally amazing as well as all the staff who work there. I had been suffering with Trichotillomania since I was 15 years old, forever covering up patches with headbands then learning how to style my own hair to cover it.. until it became too bad. I went to another salon to get a system fitted, which only led to more problems. My own hair was cut short and glue applied making my scalp burn and itch. I went to Debbie and Michelle and they fitted me with my dream hair! They did everything in their power to ensure that my own hair underneath my system would grow back and boy did it. I have gone from being nearly completely bald on top of my head to now - would you believe - having the entire system removed and my own hair!!!! I never thought this would be possible for me. This was all down to the wonders of Hair In Xs and their amazing attitude towards their customers. If you are in the same position as I was at 21 years old, please go for it. I am now 24 and have been 420 days pull free and have a full head of flowing hair on my head. They are complete angels. Cannot rate highly enough xxxxxx

Trich Recoverer and ECSTATIC customer! 27/07/2015

My daughter suffers from alopecia and it has been extremely stressful ensuring that her patches are covered. As this was becoming more difficult I was desperate to find a way to deal with this. I then came across Hair InXs on the web and having been very impressed with their website, and NHS recommendation, immediately called them for more information. I spoke to Debbie who asked me to come in for a consultation with my daughter. Following the consultation, we then arranged an appointment for the extensions for a few days later. All the staff were lovely and extremely efficient and quick. My daughter now has a beautiful and natural looking full head of hair and no longer worries how her hair looks. This is worth every penny to me as she appears so much happier and more confident. Thank you SO much!

C Johnson 11/02/2015

I wanted to say a massive thanks to Debbie and her very amazing team who just made my Christmas this year extra special! I have suffered hair loss since I was 23 it is Genetical and no vitamins or hair products have helped me I have tried for years! After visiting Debbie for a consultation she was so knowledgeable on hair loss and made me feel really comfortable about my decision on the hair extensions. I was booked in five days later and Debbie worked her magic on my hair and also her team!! The finished product is awesome I feel so much more like myself now. I spend fifteen minutes getting ready now oppose to hours trying to cover up my bald spots. I didn't realise anything as good as this existed and I am so so pleased with the finished product! Thank you guys for giving me back my time and my beauty your service is awesome I would recommend you to anyone else who is suffering the same hair issues I did.

Kerry Martin 24/12/2014

I wanted to say a massive thanks to Debbie and her very amazing team who just made my Christmas this year extra special! I have suffered hair loss since I was 23 it is Genetical and no vitamins or hair products have helped me I have tried for years! After visiting Debbie for a consultation she was so knowledgeable on hair loss and made me feel really comfortable about my decision on the hair extensions. I was booked in five days later and Debbie worked her magic on my hair and also her team!! The finished product is awesome I feel so much more like myself now. I spend fifteen minutes getting ready now oppose to hours trying to cover up my bald spots. I didn't realise anything as good as this existed and I am so so pleased with the finished product! Thank you guys for giving me back my time and my beauty your service is awesome I would recommend you to anyone else who is suffering the same hair issues I did.

Amardeep 22/12/2014

My son Billy age 17 was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2008 after radiotherapy his hair did not grow back leaving him with bald patch across the middle of his head which had a dramatic effect on his self-esteem, as a parent we would have done anything to see him smile again. Then I came across Hair Inxs on the internet. We met with Debbie she was caring and very informative saying how natural it would be, even explaining he would be able to go swimming and play football. I will never forget the day he had his hair done his smile was electric. Even the consultants and nurses could not believe Billy's hair was not all his own as it looks so natural. Debbie and her staff gave our son his self-esteem and life back and we are truly very grateful to them.

Hair InXs customer 02/12/2014

I have been coming to Hair InXs for four years now. Initially, I started going as I had a bad experience with some extensions which had been fitted with Latex glue at another salon, my hair had snapped and I was left with some bald patches on my scalp. I was very impressed with the human hair that they used and found that I was able to look after it just as I would my own hair, blow-drying and straightening it. The extensions I looked after and came back every six weeks for a top up which was very quick. After a year of human hair, I decided I would try the fibre hair (classic) this gave my hair the natural curl that I wanted and that I would normally do using my hair tongs. I could not believe just how light the hair was and so easy to manage. I could just wash my hair and leave to dry or dry on a cool heat. I had been deliberating on whether the fibre hair would look un-natural which is why I never opted for this in the first place but since having had fibre extensions for the last 3 years I would not look back or hesitate in recommending them. The team at Hair InXs are very friendly and they do look after you and care about what you want and how you want to look as well as giving their advice. I have last year been diagnosed with cancer and had to go through all the hair loss and Debbie and her team have been amazing and very caring. Today I have been back for my first appointment since losing my hair and had my very first hair cut and colour, they were fantastic and did everything I asked for and more to make me feel good. I will not be going anywhere else and will look forward to getting my luscious locks back in soon!

Louise Robson 02/12/2014

I've been seriously ill since 2002 and one of the worst symptoms has been my long dark curly hair, which got more and more unhealthy over the years until the point in October 2013 when it really started to get to me. It was very thin on top and I had bald patches, and my curls had turned to frizz. I turned into a total recluse.

One day my dad asked me if there was anything I could do about it, so I did some research and found Debbie and Hair InXs. We had a lovely long conversation one night after she finished work, during which I asked her everything under the sun, and we texted each other every day. She had space for me the next week so I travelled to Windsor from Portsmouth, excited and nervous. I met the whole team - Debbie, Julie, Michelle and Jade - and it was a brilliant day. It was like a girls' night out and my husband was well cared for too, with a TV and magazines to keep him occupied.

Debbie used a special method which she personalises to each client, depending on their hair texture and condition. Four hours later I had long, loose curls which she'd colour-matched to my own dark brown hair perfectly. No one can tell it isn't my own hair but I will never pretend otherwise because I'm so proud of my hair now.

My new hair has totally changed the way I feel about myself now - I put some photos straight onto Facebook; previously I'd never taken a selfie in my life! My husband can't stop complimenting me and all my friends and family love it, but no one loves it more than me! It's so easy to look after now; all I have to do is wash and condition it every three days or so and between washes I just wet it and brush it, then tousle it with my fingers. It looks as good on day three as it does freshly washed.

I want to thank the girls soooo much for changing my life. And special thanks to my wonderful dad for giving me the best treat I've ever had.

I'm not vain: I just wanted to look like me again.

Christine Barry 02/12/2014

"I was pretty nervous considering this option of hair extensions to fill out my thinning hair due to PCOS, but now that I have done it I wish I had taken the plunge years ago. You do have to change your routine, getting ready in the morning but if anything it makes it easier! I can still tie it up out of the way and even experiment with different styles that I could never achieve before. It has only been 2 months but friends say they can't even remember me without the hair extensions! My top tip would be... Batiste Dry shampoo! Keeps you looking fresh and gets an extra day or two out of a wash and dry. Honestly, if you are nervous, go and see for yourself... take the mystery out of the process and trust Debbie, she knows what she is talking about"

Miriam Casey 02/12/2014

"All my life I've had thin, fine hair but, having reached my sixties, my hair started thinning even more. I first came to Debbie in 2009 and now my life has changed. I had a net to cover the top of my head and hair extensions over the rest of my head. I feel that I have a real head of hair for the first time in my life! Thank you, Debbie and your team for doing a wonderful job."

Linda Holden 02/12/2014

I know that losing your hair might seem a small thing when compared to surviving a massive brain tumour, but on a day to day basis it really did affect me. After the radiotherapy that I had to have, I was left with a huge bald patch on the top of my head. My hair never grew back and I hated wearing wigs.

I found out about Debbie at Hair InXs by accident. A family friend mentioned that his wife had her hair done at a salon which also specialised in women's hair loss. It took me six months to make that initial phone call but, after I did, I'd had my hair done within a week. Now, more than three years later, I can truthfully say that I've never looked back.

People can't tell that my hair isn't my own. In fact, I'm often handed vouchers for hair cuts or blow-dries which I always take as a compliment. I now wear my hair in a bob, which I'd never have been able to do before. I love my new hair. In fact, it's the best my hair has ever looked.

I'd worn wigs for two years and never felt right in them. I'd always feel self-conscious as if people were looking at me and in the summers they were boiling hot. My husband is Dutch and on one occasion in Rotterdam we'd all gone shopping and there was quite a wind brewing. I could feel my wig moving and put my hand over it whilst my sister-in-law tied a headscarf around my head to stop it flying off. I looked like an old granny walking along with the headscarf tied under my chin! It seems funny now, but at the time it was very traumatic we all had visions of it blowing off and rolling down the road!

The team in Windsor is truly amazing all of them are so immensely kind and endlessly patient and supportive and the salon atmosphere is so relaxed like one big happy family.

Anne Pettitt 02/12/2014

"I'd always had long, thick, strong hair, so when it started breaking off and thinning in my early fifties I didn't believe it would be permanent. However, instead of recovering, it got worse. Having previously taken for granted that my hair drew compliments I took it very badly that it was noticeably thin on top and I became depressed and obsessed with how awful I looked. Coping with getting older was one thing, but my dreadfully thin hair aged me beyond my years. My doctor confirmed that there was nothing medically wrong to cause it, but said he was unable to help. I spent lots of money trying expensive "remedies" that didn't work for me. Then I decided to wear a wig. At first, I was pleased with the confidence they gave me. Although I always felt that everyone knew I was wearing a wig as soon as they looked at me. I was always self-conscious and aware of the wig, never fully relaxed. In fact, the wigs were pretty good and close to my original hair colour and style so I now admit that it was probably only people who knew me very well that might have noticed a difference if they looked closely. After a while, I started to feel that the wigs were (almost) more trouble than they were worth. They were hot and itchy, it was difficult or impossible to undertake certain activities, although luckily I'm not sporty. I knocked it off when I had to have a blood test. I spent what should have been a lovely day out on a boat, holding on to my fringe so that it didn't blow back and show the hard, obvious hairline, and worrying that it would move in the wind. I caught it on a branch when I stood up under a tree at a picnic. I lost interest in clothes shopping because I couldn't be bothered with the hassle of trying anything on that had to go over my head. And I hated that instead of brushing my hair in front of the mirrors in ladies loos, I was always taking my wig off and replacing it in the actual cubicle. I always felt like ripping it off and scratching my head to pieces. The list goes on. I'd found a very expensive London salon offering a system for thinning hair but when I visited them I ended up sobbing uncontrollably back to the tube after I'd been told very quickly that my hair was too fragile and I couldn't be helped. I was devastated and thought I was stuck with wigs for life. Then I came across Debbie at Hair InXs. I honestly didn't think she'd be able to do anything for me after my previous rejection, but I had to know that I'd tried every possible avenue. I sent Debbie an email and back came a positive reply. I was still disbelieving and put forward more problems. Debbie spoke to me on the phone, for nearly an hour, reassuring me and boosting my confidence. She was very easy to talk to and not at all pushy, but I decided I wanted an appointment to see her straight away. The salon has the friendliest, most relaxed atmosphere you can imagine. Everyone was so cheerful and kind, offering drinks and making me feel comfortable. When the time came for me to remove my wig I didn't feel at all upset or nervous as I always had before. Debbie assessed my hair and reassured me that the problems preventing the other salon from helping didn't apply to her system, she showed me lots of photos of happy clients looking fantastic with a huge variety of hairstyles, also a wide range of ages. I decided without hesitation it was for me. The actual fitting was carried out in the same relaxed atmosphere and I felt that I'd known them all for years. Debbie cut my new hair into shape and I felt transformed. Since then, I've been back for the six-week appointments and greeted again like a friend they'd all known forever. It only takes about 40 minutes and was just like the days when I used to enjoy a visit to my hairdresser every six weeks, although I've never been to such a fun salon as Debbie's! I've tried on clothes in shop changing rooms and come out to ask for a second opinion instead of dashing in case the curtain moves and reveals me without a wig, I've worn a hat and hoods, brushed my hair along with everyone else in ladies loos, tied it back and pinned it up, AND I walked to the top of Glastonbury Tor on an incredibly windy day without holding onto my head, my hair blew about like everyone else's and I actually felt the wind in my hair! I go to bed looking normal and get out of bed ready to open the door to the postman (as long as he's admiring my hair and not looking at my face!). In short, Debbie has made me feel normal again and that my life is in no way restricted. The stress and depression that I had before have lifted. My trip to Debbie is 200 miles there and back and I know that many other ladies travel much further than that, because it's so worth it. I suppose it's not cheap if you only compare it to someone with their own hair having a cut and blow dry at an ordinary small town salon, but it's not that different to what I was spending on wigs and they made me miserable. I'd unhesitatingly recommend Debb"

Lynda Watson 02/12/2014

"I started to pull my hair when I was 13, I have Trichotillomania. I was bald on the top of my head. The size was large like a hand. Throughout my life, I have been living in fear of anyone finding out. I tried to cover my baldness with scarfs, hats and wearing my hair in one style. I missed out on many activities like swimming, going out and just socialising with friends because I do not have any confidence. When I was 20 I discovered Hair InXs through the yellow pages. I went in to see Debbie, she helped me. I had a net to cover my bald patch with a full head extension. My life changed from that day! Debbie and her team, has restored my confidence and youth. I have a life now. I had a wish come true. I have beautiful long natural hair. It also restricted me from pulling my hair as well so my problem improved. Debbie and her team have my entire trust, they are very professional yet extremely friendly. I love going to see them. I'm 30 now and go to have my hair done at hair.inxs 3 times a year. I have been going for 10 and a half years now. No words can describe how much Debbie and her team have helped and supported me.

Dear Debbie and her team, I cannot thank you all enough for all that you have done and still doing for me."

Connie Tse 02/12/2014

"At the end of July 2007 at the age of 13, I was diagnosed with a Medulloblastoma Brain Tumour. Unfortunately my surgeon was not able to remove all of my tumour, I also stopped breathing during my operation but fortunately, my heart restarted on its own again only for me to then suffer a minor stroke. A month after my original operation I began a 4-month course of chemotherapy followed by six and a half weeks of radiotherapy to my brain and spine. I was informed before starting my course of radiotherapy that I would lose my hair, resulting in it growing back very thin, patchy and bald around the bottom half of my head. Debbie and her wonderful team of staff, Sam, Christie and Ethan from Hair InXs gave me back not only my confidence but my life. I had previously worn wigs now and again when going out but I would mostly wear a hat to cover up my thin, patchy hair, that was until I had the fantastic treatment from Debbie and the team to give me a full head of hair again. I can't tell you how happy I feel to be able to go out with my mum and family now without people looking at me as if I wasn't normal. The dedication, care, attention and support that Debbie, Sam, Christie and Ethan give to me and my mum each time we attend an appointment at the salon is truly amazing. I can't thank you all enough for what you have done and are still doing for me."

Jess Taylor 02/12/2014

"In 1999 I was diagnosed with a brain tumour which was benign and was removed but because a very small amount of the tumour could not be taken out I had to undergo radiotherapy, which resulted in major hair loss. Not being able to come to terms with the fact that my hair may never grow back and dreading the thought of spending the rest of my life wearing a wig I went in search of a solution and found that solution with Debbie at Hair InXs. Debbie and her team gave me the life that I could only have dreamed of. It has now been six years and I have led a perfectly normal life working and doing things that I know I would never have done if I had to wear a wig. I felt so depressed at the thought of losing my hair that if I hadn't found Debbie and Hair InXs then I was not going to have the radiotherapy and ran a very high chance that the tumour would come back. They are all brilliant, my hair looks so natural and nobody knows any different. They gave me my life back and my husband his wife and my children their mum and I am eternally grateful."

Denise Bentley 02/12/2014

"I've been having my hair extensions done by the staff at Hair In-X-S for seven years. I am a dancer and a model and was not very happy with my appearance but when I started having hair extensions it completely changed the way I felt about myself. It's given me so much confidence which shows not only in my attitude but in my work. It's the best thing I've ever done. Over the years I've been able to have my hair any length, any style and any colour without even colouring or cutting my own hair simply through the aid of my hair extensions. I've been so happy with the treatment and extensions I've received from the staff at Hair In-X-S that I wouldn't consider going anywhere else. I definitely think that having hair extensions can change your confidence levels no end."

Stephanie Sherwood 02/12/2014

"Ten years ago I retired, aged 65yrs. I was looking forward to the freedom. I have had problem hair all my life, and, very unhappy with wigs (after a humiliating experience at hospital.) I was introduced to Debbie and extensions. (I have net to cover sever thinning), and a full head of extensions to create fabulous fair wavy hair. I have never looked back. To wake up with full head of natural looking hair is a miracle dream come true. A real confidence boost. I could not enjoy the full life that I live without it."

Patricia Watts 02/12/2014

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