Our system can cover a number of hair problems and is of great help to the transgender community who are feeling that their hair, or lack of it, is a problem. Usually male pattern baldness is the most common problem and with our hair replacement system we can provide you with a full head of beautiful feminine hair.

You can have any colour, length or style you wish. We attach a very fine mesh to your existing hair and then attach a parting and fringe and the rest of the mesh gets filled up with hair and then is cut and styled to whatever you wish.

We have changed 100s of T/S lives over the last 20 years as it is a permanent solution and you can finally say good bye to wigs. Come along for a free one-to-one consultation to find a long term solution for your hair.

Hair InXs Salon Before Transformation
Hair InXs Salon Before and After Transformation
Hair InXs Salon Before Transformation
Hair InXs Salon Before and After Transformation
Kerry's Transformation
Watch Kerry's Transformation Video
Linda's Transformation
Watch Linda's Transformation Video
Bleddyn's Transformation
Watch Bleddyn's transformation video


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